Afrik Bawantu [Afrofunk,highlife - Ghana]


GENRE : AfroFunk – Highlife


Blending vibrant African percussions to a funky and talented horn section, the upcoming Afro Funk sound takes the trendy London crowd to a scene that they couldn’t but fall for.




AfrikBawantu is a 10-piece orchestra formed in 2007 by Ghanaian vocalist and djembe drummer, Afla Sackey.

With AfrikBawantu, Afla brings his musical dream of blending traditional Ghanaian music with sizzling Afro-beat grooves to life, topping it off with an irresistibly funky twist.

Their unique blend of vibrant African rhythms with fast, animated horn sections and heavy bass lines brings a whole new definition to the Afro-Funk genre and captivates audiences from all walks of life.

AfrikBawantu released their EP ‘Noko Hewon’ in February 2013 to huge critical acclaim, and have since been nominated in the World Music Network’s April charts.

They are now putting the final touches to their highly-anticipated debut album ‘Life On The Street’, which is due for release in early 2014.

Ghanaian-born percussionist, vocalist and composer started his creative life as a dancer with the Bukom Ensemble of Ghana, known for their infectious folk-driven rhythms. Sackey’s elders soon recognised the musical potential of this youth and encouraged him with careful guidance and training. This provided the foundations upon which Sackey has developed his career in music and

Afla was brought to London by the promoter of the Kakatsitsi Master Drummers of Ghana and has since thoroughly involved himself in the UK music scene. He graduated from the Guildhall Leadership Masters degree programme in 2012 and with his wealth of music and dance experience, Afla is an inspiring educator, providing workshops and training to a diverse range of students including primary school children, the disabled and the elderly, both in the UK and abroad. Afla was Afrobeat teacher at the Royal Academy of Music, and continues as guest lecturer and workshop facilitator in universities as far flung as Japan, Singapore and Argentina.









Afla Sackey : Lead vocals, Djembe
Wesley : Drum kit
Yaw : Djembe / Drum kit
Julien Weishaupt : Drum Kit, Hand Percussions
Nim Sadot : Bass
David Lekan Shobiyi : Guitar
Francesc Marco : Keyboard
Andrew Woolf: Saxophone Tenor
Charlie Shuttler : Trumpet
Ewan : Saxophone Bariton
Oren Marshall : Tuba


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