Anna Mudeka Band [Afrorock/Afrofunk, Zimbabwe]


GENRE: Mbira Music, Afrorock, Afrofunk from Zimbabwe

The Anna Mudeka band is Rocky, Funky, Reggae and African all at the same time.

        THE ANNA MUDEKA BAND is a five peace band playing a fusion of music driven from the Mbira music of Zimbabwe. Their sound is simply know as sunshine music by their followers. The bands sound is refreshing and original, lead by Anna Mudeka, singer, dancer and Mbira player from Zimbabwe.

        Anna lead vocalist and Glynnis offer powerful harmonies with wild dance moves which sends their audience into a crazy dance frenzy wherever they perform.


        This matched with the lead Guitarʼs reefs, a six string bass played with attitude and a driving drum beat makes this band one of the best on the world music scene.

        Available for all kinds of occasions including arts venues, festivals, parties and weddings.


Anna Mudeka, Lead vocalist, dancer and Mbira (Thumb Piano)
Glynnis Masuku Backing vocals, dance and Hosho (Shakers)
Joe Button: Guitar
Tom Eagle: Drums
Jay: Bass


        Anna also offers as part of the package if needed, Mbira singing or African dance workshop. Anna has more than twenty years experience in teaching people of all ages and abilities. Her work is engaging, educational a truly life changing experience for those who attend her workshops. Having been nominated the most influential Woman in Africa in the Arts and Culture 2013. Here work and recognition really speaks for itself.







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