In Search Of [Rock, Reggae - UK]


GENRE: Rock, Hip Hop, Reggae, Jazz, Dub

In Search Of

“In Search Of are the result of a friendship formed by four boys at secondary school in East London. There they swapped musical styles and influences to create a group with an output which touches so many genre bases. In the clutch of tracks produced so far, there are moments of rock, hip hop, RnB, reggae, jazz, dub and indie fused together with hidden, echoey and often eerie vocals and harmonies. Mixing tributes to older sounds with innovative new ones, life is certainly never dull with In Search Of around”

- BBC Introducing

In Search Of are four musically self-taught youths from East London. Having known each other from early secondary school days the four have shared each others different and similar musical tastes. It was only until 2010 that they decided to form In Search Of using their diverse tastes in music and fusing them together to create a new sound. The boys have the ability to create a distinctive style whilst also managing to create songs using the best parts of many genres giving them a certain feel of spontaneity. Not only are they notable for the energy in their great live performances but also for their abilities in Music Production in any type of music.










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