Mudibu [Acoustic - BURUNDI]


GENRE : Acoustic


Born in Burundi, Bujumbura. Self taught musician. From around 2002 armed with a guitar, Mudibu started gigging around London talent music venues. In 2003, Mudibu joined 10 piece “Mantilla Band” for a year and a half. In 2008, Mudibu recorded his own first solo EP “SLOW ME”. Buy it here (Available also ON BOTH iTunes & Amazon).

In 2008, while in Africa, Mudibu recorded his only track in his native language Kirundi “Agahengwe” which has been a huge success in his home country. In the same year, Mudibu recorded “Laaady” with Tanzanian heavy-weight Bongo Music Producer P-Funk Majani.

In 2009, Mudibu created “LOSTCHILD band” playing new material in festivals and rock music venues which got him in the semi-finals for EMERGENZA Festival (2010). End of 2010, Mudibu performed a solo gig for UNHCR 60TH Anniversary, Geneva. 2009, Mudibu joined forces with great British rock guitar players (Spencer Komodromou & Steve Kelly) to form a new classic rock music project under the name “Saints Patience” . This project is still on-going with an album in store this year 2016.

In 2013, another soul music project came on the horizon, to curator the full sound and music of “The Love man” himself, Otis Redding. With Jezebel Sextet band, this project has seen Mudibu performing at legendary and prestigious music venues and Festivals (Jazz Cafe in Camden, The Boisdale Club, The Hideaway Club, and ; Band On the Wall in Manchester; The Stables in Milton Keynes; The Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal. Headline festival appearances include Roubaix Vintage Weekender. The year2015 has seen the birth of Mudibu’s solo endeavour to produce an Album “Inzatsa” (meaning Fireflies).Buy it here – an album almost entirely in Kirundi, Mudibu’s mothertongue from Burundi. It is a tribute to the peace much needed in Burundi. At the moment, Mudibu is in preparation to launch a Rock Album with Saints Patience’s eagerly awaited