Nogabe Randriaharimalala [World Music - Madagascar]


GENRE: World Music / Songwriting

Nogabe Randriaharimalala

        NOGABE was born in Madagascar and started to play various instruments from a Young age. He moved to Asia in the late seventies and recorded his first Album in Hong Kong named after his name Nogabe in 1993. It was soon followed by Politics, Power and Glory in 1994, and 3rd World Gentleman recorded in London in 1997.

        The 4th Album Afatra (Message) produced in Beijing in 2006, marked a return to more traditional Malagasy rhythms such as “Salegy, Tsapika” styles.


        Nogabe’s guitar picking and amazing voice combined with the deep sound of the Calabash played by Afla Sackey and the magic of Mhedi Ganjvar’s fingers on the Darbuka, makes this trio totally unique.

        His music has evolved and matured over the years and is now more traditional malagasy style like his 4th album Afatra 2006), shows. Today Nogabe lives in London and works, with Sam Djengue. He plays in different festivals and venues in the UK (Womad, Charlton Park, London African Music Festival, Momo’s, Troubador’s) and France and wants to spread his music around the world.

“The acoustic guitar is Nogabe’s weapon of choice and he makes it sound unlike it does anywhere else… Its spotless, bell-clear tone is matched by a dazzling agility and liquidity that a million bedroom singer-songwriters could only dream of”




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