SEEDS OF CREATION [Funk, Rock, Jazz - Algeria /Mediterranean]


GENRE: Berber (Algeria) – Funk – Rock – Jazz


Legendary Seddik Zebiri, from Algeria and his multicultural band, Seeds of Creation, play an intriguing blend of traditional Berber music with reggae,Jazz and raw Psychadelic sounds that will transport you from the East-end of London deep into the heart of the Sahara.



        Seddik Zebiri is a Berber mandolist and songwriter from the Atlas Mountain, in Algeria. He imigrated to France and later on to London in the early 1980’s where he formed the band Seeds of Creation, in the neigbourhood of Dalston. The band is the reflection of the fusion of his traditional Berber and Gnawa musical influences with other Western contemporary genres such as jazz and blues, creating an electrifying melting pot. The album Hackney Vibes retraces the compositor’s experience in one of the most multicutural neighbourhood in ‘East’ London. Seddik is exploring self-awareness on gender, racial, cultural and political issues that could be lived by all people at all times and all places.




Hackney Vibes, released on 24th February 2012.
Album can be listened on iTunes, Spotify and one track ‘Hackney Vibes’ on Band camp.




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