2nd Donation Ceremony, 19th April 2013 in Njongon


We would like to THANK ALL THE DONORS for their generosity towards the Pen & Paper Campaign in Gambia :


On Friday 19th April 2013, the 2nd Donation Ceremony at Saint Michaels Basic School in Njongon, Gambia, was just amazing and very promising for the future of the Campaign.
Our efforts were gratefully rewarded and the team is super boosted, working hard on preparing the next touristic season!

260 pencils + 275 ball pens + 155 exercise books + 500 A4 sheets + 18 rulers + 115 chalks + sharpners + cissors + packs of colour pencils + felt tips + envelops + note pads have been collected on the Collections Points and brought DIRECTLY TO THE HANDS of pupils and teachers of the school.