The Nursery Schools



BRUFUT EDUCATION PROJECT Nursery School in Brufut Western Division


• SAINT MICHAEL’S Basic School in Njongon North Bank Region


JUFFUREH Children Centre in Upper Niumi District North Bank Region




The Campaign aims to dispatch the collected materials in schools that are located in rural and remote areas. People living in those areas don’t benefit directly from the touristic industry (mainly located in Kombo region, on the West coast of Gambia).

The Pen & Paper Campaign includes 3 schools so far and aims to include more schools if the number of donations allows it.


Every week, the donations are collected from hotels and restaurants, then counted. When there is enough donations to cover all the pupils and their teachers of a school, then we organize a ‘Donation Ceremony’ in the school.

The Donation Ceremony is a festive event, where our team brings the collected donations to the school : head teacher, teachers, pupils, their parents and other members of the community are invited. Teachers distribute the donations equally between the different pupils and classes.

The event closes with cultural entertainment: live music, traditional songs and dancing.