Manlio Calafrocampano [Raggamuffin, Reggae - Italy]


Genre : Raggamuffin, Reggae, New Roots


Energy and new sounds ranging from Reggae and New Roots together with the
Raggamuffin and the electronic sounds from Uk like Dub Step and Drum’n'Bass,
Manlio Calafrocampano is an upcoming star from Italian Reggae scene.

After the success of his debut album “Consapevolezza” (Consciousness) of October
2010 about 2500 downloads in a few months, more than 200 dates in Italy and more
100,000 views on YouTube in just a year, managing to make himself known for the
energy he releases during the shows through the extrabeat, a mix of
dialects from the Mediterranean and a quick lyric that is mixed with melodic tones
with voice changes from acute falsetto to darker bass lines , Manlio has
captivated the Reggae audience and beyond thanks to his philosophical and
rebellious lyrics, sweet and bitter, thoughtless and mystic.

In 2012 with the release of his second official album “Sogno” (Dream) produced by
the Better Day Records (Indie Label Salento) and two exceptional featurings
such as the jamaican artist Daddy Freddy (World Record of the fastest rapper in the
world with as many as 597 syllables in one minute), and Rasta Blanco (Voice
of the Root; historical reggae / ska band from Rome on the scene since the
90′s), Manlio gets always more popularity on the stage, presenting their
work from north to south with hundreds of dates every year including:
Turin, Milan, Cuneo, Florence, Bologna, Livorno, Perugia; also performing in the
regions of Abruzzo, Marche, Puglia, Calabria and Basilicata.



In October 2013 Manlio starts performing the first dates in Europe thanks to the
collaboration with Open the Gate Sound, the first show in London, in which the artist
Calafrocampano warmed up the crowd for the hystorical 80′s foundation band Black
Slate, and then moved to Amsterdam as support act for Afrikan Simba.

Manlio cultivated and expanded projects in Italy with the “Sound Unity Crew” in
Rome, The “Massive Krimisa” in Calabria, and the “Ladispoli Massive” on the coast
Latium Tyrrhenian; collaborated and shared over the years stages with Italian and
international artists such as:
General Levy, Ranking Joe, Asian Dub Foundation, Gappy Ranx, Prodigy, De
Mark, Daddy Freddy, Congo Natty, Black Slate, Afrikan Simba and more.

Currently on tour with “Babylondon” his new “Street EP” made ​​in
London, union of UK sounds with the hot lyrics from the Mediterranean in an
explosion of styles that blend cultures and experiences assimilated during the months
spent in Europe travelling with his music.






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